The album Cuintha has been released!

2013-03-06 05:30:49 by DanJohansen

Hi there guys! I just released all of the symphonic tracks for the concept and world ''Cuintha''.
If you'd like to support my hard work with these tunes you can buy the album here:


Artwork by: kokodriliscus

Album description:

Cuintha, the epic land containing many mysteries and blessings such as the Raining Cave, the Floating Island of Githrau, the majestic Flying Moon Creature, the free spirited and artistic city of Adventua and many more places that makes the peaceful land both unique and a fantastic place to experience. Many mountains reach all the way up and above the Magic Cloud Sea and the plains are so vast it takes years to travel on foot, the Three Moons shine their reflection on the lakes and oceans across the world.

If only other worlds were as free of suffering and pain as Cuintha. Free of the chains of currency and the evils that follow it.
It is a unified world of beauty and purity, of peace and tranquility.

The artwork presenting the project which I've also included underneath was made by the talented Juan Arrabal.

The album Cuintha has been released!


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2013-03-09 00:45:17

dam I wish I could buy it

(Updated ) DanJohansen responds:

Having problems?


2013-03-21 04:03:21

Your music is so beautiful. You're full of talent. Thank you for brightening my day with your music . :)

DanJohansen responds:

Thanks! :D My pleasure by the way


2013-03-30 16:10:52

Who did the awesome cover art?

(Updated ) DanJohansen responds:

The art was made by kokodriliscus on deviantart :) amazing job


2013-05-21 21:15:25

New fan. I'm listening to the album on Spotify while playing my game. It adds more of a beautiful and epic atmosphere than the game itself. Haha. Thank you for making this music.


2013-10-17 16:40:45

This, is what I was waiting for! I just need money now.

Great tracks! We're going into an... ADVENTUUUURE!


2014-02-08 01:12:01

SOLD! Bought it :3
I remember seeing you doing other projects as well, are those not up on CD Baby?