Album release: Cuintha II!

2014-04-08 17:59:40 by DanJohansen

Hi there, finally Cuintha II has been officially released, took awhile to get the art done and everything in order but it`s been done and I am proud to release my 4th album. 

Here is the link to the album at CDbaby:

The artwork was done by Kokodriliscus, the same badass artist who made the first Cuintha albums cover, his art can be found here:

Thanks for the continous support, it`s always been a blast creating the album and I assure you more will come!

-Dan Johansen



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2014-04-08 18:07:02


DanJohansen responds:

Thanks dude!


2014-04-08 21:16:28

i clicked this because i thought your name was dan johnston

DanJohansen responds:

I wish my name was Dan Pepsi Can